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Creating and selling online courses is a life-changing event and it has the power to transform you financially and emotionally. Normal people from all walks of life, skills, talents, and knowledge can now use this power to build a real and profitable online business teaching others. Knowing that your course has helped others is extremely satisfying and addictive.
Dear Friend,

Regardless if you want to add a second passive income stream, build a job replacing income or build a course publishing empire, this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

Here’s why…

But before that let’s meet Mike…

Mike has been a sales manager with one of the top wine distributors in America for the past 8 years. He loves his job, his family, and his friends.

His salary is comfortable but it came with a price, plenty of stress, and less time for himself and his family. He was always thinking that he could do even more with his life financially such as being able to quit his job to work on his own business, build on strengthening his retirement plan, and to have an additional income every month for the family.

Over the years he tried dabbling in various online businesses such as affiliate marketing, setting up an e-commerce store, and even email marketing. Along the way, he has spent thousands of dollars on courses with nothing to show for.

The problem was that the online business that he got into was extremely complicated, time-consuming which requires a high level of attention to every aspect of the business. And the fact that it was losing him money every month did not help either.

Eventually, he just stops everything completely and continued with his 9-5, the lingering thought still there at the back of his mind that there is still something he could do to help him realize his financial goals.

Sounds familiar?

Mike knew that there had to be a better way. A solution that can make his life better and more fulfilling emotionally and financially. He continued to look around for online businesses but most of them were much like the ones he has dabbled in earlier.

Then, he found the wonderful world of online course creation. Being in the wine industry, he knew he has a trove of knowledge about wine that he can share with anyone that is interested in wine, from “how to chose the best wine” to ” how much to spend on a decent bottle of wine”. The topics he could share were endless and that got him excited. After doing some research, he found Authority Course Mastery (ACM). Mike has since gone on to create multiple courses regarding wine using the techniques and methods taught in ACM and has even started a coaching business where he teaches his students how to taste wine. The best thing about his journey is that now he owns his time and his business and enjoying financial freedom.

Mike Can Be You
As Mike has discovered, creating online digital courses is the BEST SOLUTION and there is no easier, quicker, cheaper, and more lucrative way to make money online. Create your course once and profit from it forever.

E-learning through online digital courses is a booming industry and it is projected to be worth in excess of $350 billion by 2026. Regardless of age and the niche, learning something online is an emerging trend because everyone is striving to learn something new, gain knowledge, and even to entertain themselves. With more people staying at home and working remotely, digital courses are filling in the gaps of this growing demand.

If you are not already selling an online digital course, you are missing out on a big opportunity ahead of you. Those who recognized this opportunity a few years back have already established their business and raking in the big bucks now. But does this mean you have missed the train and that you should abandon the idea of creating an online course? Definitely not! On the contrary, you should be seriously looking to get into this booming industry right now because, in a few years’ time, you will be in exactly the same successful position. That’s exactly why this is the perfect time for you to come on board right now just like Mike and get started in creating and profiting from your own digital online course.

But Creating An Online Digital Course Can Be Tricky If You Don’t Know What You Are Doing
With so much information or rather misinformation out there today, it is very difficult for you to wade through the pile trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. There are tons of videos on YouTube and contents on Google and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which are created by clueless “teachers” who are themselves still trying to learn a thing or two about creating courses.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have so-called “gurus” who sell you their training about how to sell your course when they themselves have not even sold any of their own courses before. And because of their “gurus” status, they can charge you thousands of dollars because of their celebrity status.

You Don’t Need “Guru” Training Nor Do You Need “Celebrity” Training
You don’t need hundreds upon hundreds of videos and audio, hundreds of pages of PDFs, and unproven theories to be successful and profitable. Instead, what you need is a proven, effective, clear and actionable training that teaches you the steps required for you to start your online digital course business. You want to learn from someone who has been in the trenches and who actually makes their money creating and selling courses.
Authority Course Mastery (ACM) Is The Training That You Need
What is ACM and why it is important to you?

ACM is my proven training program that takes a complete beginner from knowing nothing about creating courses to an authority course creator. It is a very powerful training that takes you by the hand and shows you in a step by step and fundamentally sound way to be a successful course creator without resorting to tricks, hacks, and loopholes.

There are no fluffs, no 200 hours of videos, no 100 hours of audios, and 1000 pages of PDF instructions that cause you to be confused and overwhelmed.  Instead, you will be guided by a series of clear and actionable videos and accompanying checklist and instructions in a systematic approach with nothing left to guesswork.

This training is based on my personal successful experience as an authority course creator for the past 5 years and I am imparting my knowledge to you to jump-start your own journey. Not only will you learn how to create an online digital course but how to become an authority course creator in your niche.

Do you know that you can start your course creation business and run it for less than $20/year? ACM will show you how.

What You Will Learn In ACM?

  • Course niche clarity
  • Validating your niche
  • Laying the foundations of a successful course
  • How to position yourself as an authority rather than an expert
  • How to plan your course contents
  • How to create your course with FREE tools
  • How to price your course
  • How to deliver your course to your students
  • Accepting Payments
  • Crafting A High Converting Sales Letter
  • Cost-free and super effective ways to market, promote, and sell your course
You can stop figuring everything out by yourself on what works and what does not because ACM is the master blueprint that shows you all you need to know about becoming an authority course creator in the NEXT 30 DAYS
Why Is ACM The Right Training For You?
I am very confident that ACM is the right training for you because it provides you with everything you need in order to become a successful online course creator without overwhelming you This training is very easy to follow with clear over-the-shoulders videos and accompanying written instructions on what needs to be done. Nothing is left out.
What Can ACM Do For You?

  • Help you to build a real full-time income
  • Allow you to keep your job while creating a passive income source
  • Stop sacrificing your time for $$
  • Long-term valuable digital asset
  • Allow you more time and money to spend with your family
  • Location-independent; You can be in Antarctica but your business is still making you money.
  • Eliminate stress and hassle in running an online business
  • Create once and profit forever
  • Access to a worldwide market
  • Emotionally satisfying knowing that your course has helped someone, somewhere
Some Popular Myths About Becoming An Online Course Creator
  • I Need To Be An Expert Before I Can Start Creating My Course

If your definition of being an expert is having tons of credentials, certificates, and endorsements, then nothing can be further from the truth. If you have more knowledge and skills in your niche more than the next person, you are already an expert. Take Mike for example. He is just a guy with some knowledge about wine that he would like to share with anyone who would like to learn about wine, simple as that. The important thing is to know how to convey this knowledge to your readers and become an authority rather than an expert.

  • I don’t know If My Course Idea Is Marketable Or Trendy

This is the last thing you should worry about because what matters is your knowledge and skills and not other peoples’. Although audience validation is still necessary, there is a market for most topics, some bigger while others are smaller.

  • There Are Already Others Teaching In My Niche And I Can’t Compete With Them

Again this is an unfounded fear that many course creators have. If there is competition in your niche, it can only mean that this is a healthy niche and there are many people who are willing to pay for the information.

In addition, each instructor has their own audiences because no two teaching style is similar. Your audience will take to you because they like your style, your presentation, your voice, or simply the way you look. So the important thing is to build up your own audience and tribe.

  • I can’t charge the price for my course because someone else is selling it cheaper on the same subject.

Nonsense! The fact is that it boils down to the fact of what are you going to deliver to your audience? Is it going to be a 6 page PDFs with general information or is it going to be a little more comprehensive course with some videos, audios, checklist, and PDF instructions? The price of your course commensurate with the value of your course. So don’t look at your competitors’ pricing but instead look at what kind of value you are delivering to your audience and then price it for a win-win situation.

  • I Don’t Know How To Create A Video Course And I Don’t Like To Be On Camera

Believe me, this is one of the most popular myths around and it creates fear in potential course creators. The answer is you do not need to create a video course if you don’t want to and you not need to be on camera

There are many ways you can deliver your knowledge to your audience and video is only one of them. There are also PDF’s instructions or manuals, Powerpoint presentations, and audios. Even if you were to create videos, you can create over the shoulders type videos to show your audience what needs to be done rather than a talking head video.

  • I need a lot of money to get started

Absolutely not. What you basically need is just a domain name and hosting which amounts to less than $20 for one year. I will show you where to get free tools and software to create a successful course. In addition, I will also show you cost-free but effective marketing methods to launch and sell your course. You can always switch to other paid options when the time is right and only if you want to.

  • I need a complicated funnel before I can start to make money

Again this is another myth that most “gurus” peddle. They tell you you need to build this 5 tiered funnel before someone will buy from you. You don’t need that to make money from your course! KEEP IT SIMPLE for yourself and your buyers. The less complicated your system is the quicker you will make money.

Here’s what’s possible. Sales such as these coming in like clockwork

Note: – These are my personal payment processor’s account screenshots and not copied and paste from somewhere else.

Here’s What People Say About ACM

Kevin A. Knight

This training has given me so many insights into the world of course creation that I never knew existed. I love dogs and have quite a bit of knowledge about pedigree dogs. I now have the confidence to implement this training and build a course to teach people about the different types and how to choose them.

Tara Morley

No one ever told me that course creation is profitable and a real business and that was 9 months ago. Thanks to ACM, I now run 2 photography course specializing in low light photography

Kaiya Levy

Before buying ACM, I was always wondered how do people make money from online courses and now after creating 3 online courses of my own through the ACM guide, I now know and enjoying every minute of it.

Giorgio Prosser

I thought I was just another rat in the corporate world but after taking the ACM course, it really opens up my eyes to the possibilities. It gives me the confidence to know that there is another better world out there.

Christine Hamilton

I can’t thank David enough for making this course available to me at such a generous price. All other similar courses are ridiculously priced and I quickly jumped on to ACM because the pricing seems fair. There is absolutely no regret moving forward as I am about to complete and launch my first course in the meditation niche.

Miya Meadows

This course is very good. Step by step video is what I need because I am very new to this and I am not disappointed. Hope to get my course up and running in a couple of weeks.
With All The Value That ACM Is Providing And Considering How It Can Potentially Change Your Life, You Must Be Thinking It Is Probably Going To Be Out Of Your Reach
On The Contrary…
During this difficult pandemic time, I want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to take up this training to build themselves a life-changing income business through ACM.

As such you can have the whole ACM training for only $297 instead of $997

Take Action Now To Secure Your Future
Let’s Recap

By The End Of 30 Days, you will have:

Identified and mastered your course niche and topic that you were unsure of in the past

Validate if your course is going to be a success or a failure when you launch it

Developed a well-planned funnel to guide your potential customers to buy your course

Prepared, record and publish your course contents expertly

Learned how to use niche forums, social media, and email marketing to reach your highly qualified prospects all day long

Followup email series to convert fence-sitters into paying customers

Mastered the art of course delivery to ensure that your students have the best on-boarding experience

How to use the “no refund” policy to your advantage

And much, much more…

It’s Time To Rock The House And Generate Massive Profits By Joining Authority Course Mastery
P.S. I have been using these same techniques in ACM to sell my courses successfully for several years now, and what I teach are some of my most tightly held secrets until now… and if I find anyone abusing the power of this training, I may very well pull this offer for good.

So if you want to become a successful authority online course creator in 30 days, I suggest you take action now, before the opportunity is gone, while everyone else who has decided to join this program is enjoying the success.

To Your Success,

David Cheng